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General questions

It depends on each case. We can treat only your upper (or lower) teeth but we recommend treating them together to ensure a better performance.
Evolusmile is a custom orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of teeth.
In order to know if your case is eligible for Evolusmile treatment, you just need to make an online free E-Consultation in order to receive a response from our dentists within 48 hours.
We offer a digital service with a remote monitoring which allow us to reduce the cost of the general interests , we make you enjoy this cost reduction directly.
To know if this is your case, make an e-consultation and our professionals will tell you.
For a better evaluation of your case, you will be asked to indicate if you have implants, bridges, crowns or veneers and to submit all the information during the free consultation phase. Unfortunately, the patients with the bridges cannot be treated because the aligners will not be as effective, because they make the teeth more difficult to move. However, the patients with the crowns are fully eligible for treatment. The veneers are not a problem as long as they are healthy and well linked to the teeth. Regarding the implants, they do not consider a contraindication to the aligners. Just to know that the implanted teeth cannot be moved with the aligners while the natural teeth around can return to their normal position.
This treatment is suitable for people over 18 who have all their molars developed as well as their wisdom teeth.
If you have a fixed retainer at a back of your teeth, you will have to remove it by your dentist before starting the treatment. However, if you have a fixed retainer on one arch only, you can treat the other arch with the Evolusmile aligners.
You may had worn traditional braces before, and after a while , your teeth moved. The Evolusmile invisible aligners can correct the movement of your teeth and keep them in place.
The Evolusmile clear aligners are made of soft bioplastic and BPA-free.
Yes, all of our aligners are made in France according to the strict european norms.
We invite you to examine your teeth by your dentist to make sure there is no treatment needed later. In addition, a panoramic x-ray is recommended because it ensures a good healthy teeth.
Unfortunately, the Evolusmile treatment is not covered by the health insurance.
The price includes all of your upper and lower aligners required for your treatment. It also includes the retainers that are offered to you. There are no hidden costs after paying for your order, this is the Evolusmile guarantee.
In order to facilitate the payment, we have set up payment in 3 times. The total amount of treatment amounts to 1,450 €. Here are the debit methods : 600 € at the time of order, 425 € one month after the order, 425 € two months after the order,

The Evolusmile process

Not during the treatment. But it is recommended to consult your dentist before the treatment for a routine dental exam including X-rays and an evaluation of the health of your teeth and gum. This evaluation is important to ensure that you are fully eligible for an alignment treatment. We also ask you to indicate the consent of treatment and a medical history form to ensure that you have covered these aspects with your dentist.
The instructions are sent to you with your impression kit. You will find all the necessary information to achieve this step. In addition, our team remain at your disposal to assist you through your Evolusmile account.
The treatment duration depends on the complexity of the case. On average, the treatments last between 6 to 9 months.
We monitor the evolution of your treatment through your Evolusmile account. This dedicated account allows you to be informed throughout your treatment and post your photos for a regular monitoring at each step. You can also interact with us at any time for all your questions.
From your dental impressions the practitioner elaborates the treatment plan of your teeth. You will then receive a 3D video allowing you to view the expected result ,and an estimate of the duration of your treatment. If you are satisfied with this treatment plan you can then order your aligners. These aligners are delivered directly to your home.
Depending on the treatment plan elaborated by the practitioner, you receive a set of aligners directly to your home. Each aligner adapts perfectly to your teeth and corrects their positioning. You will therefore see your teeth aligning as the treatment progresses.
Nothing stands in the way of your treatment success if you respect well the wearing of each aligner 22 hours a day for a 15 days. We make every effort to ensure the good progress of your treatment until its end. At the end of the treatment if the corrections and the improvements are possible, we will provide you with the additional necessary aligners at no additional costs, this is the Evolusmile guarantee.
From your dental impressions, the dentist elaborates a simulation of treatment. You will then receive a 3D video allowing you to view the result which you can claim along with an estimate of the duration of your treatment. If you are satisfied with the expected result, you can then order your aligners.
The aligners are made with a great precision to fit your teeth via your impressions which are examined by the lab (if your impressions are not admissible, we will let you know).Therefore there is no particular risk. In addition, when you receive your aligners, we make sure that they fit well your teeth and that your treatment is taking place in the right conditions. We follow the evolution of your smile until the end of your treatment.
If your E-consultation date was a few months ago and in the meantime there have been changes or treatments have been carried out on your teeth, please inform us before ordering your impression kit.
After completing your E-consultation, we analyze your case and provide you with an answer by email within 48 hours. If you have not received a response check your spam or contact us.
If you are not sure that you have successfully taken your impressions, you can send us photos of your impressions before returning them to us. We will check their quality and provide you with the appropriate solution.
In case we have received your impressions and they are not admissible to treat your case, we will inform you and we will deliver a mini kit to you so you can take your impressions and continue your course.
We recommend to send us a recent panoramic X-ray of your teeth, it will complete your file and ensures the good oral-dental health and your ability to follow the treatment.

My order

After confirmation of your order, you will receive your impression kit within 5 working days.
No. You have to pay nothing, a prepaid envelope is included in your kit for the returning of your impressions.
Your aligners are custom made and are monitored by a multi-step process. After your order, it takes an average of 20 days to receive your personalized aligners.
For any problem related to your order you can contact us by email: support@evolusmile.com
For a single payment, you will receive ,during the same delivery, all of your aligners as well as your retainer. For a payment in 3 times, your aligners will be divided into 3 deliveries. Each delivery will be made upon a receipt of each payment.
In the case of a payment in 3 installments, if you change your address during your treatment, please inform us by email at contact@evolusmile.com so we can deliver your aligners to your new address.
Just send us an email when you have made your impressions. We will send you your return label and we will schedule a pickup for your package directly to your address. You also have the possibility of leaving your package at a DHL point. This link allows you to find the nearest DHL point to you: https://locator.dhl.com/
If you have difficulties during a payment for your order (credit card limit, etc.), we invite you to contact us by email in order to help you solve the problem. We can offer you an alternative to payment by credit card, such as a bank transfer for example.

Treatment and follow-up

YES! Please keep all aligners after completing the different steps of treatment. You should keep them in case our orthodontist suggests you go back to an earlier step of treatment or in case of a loss of an aligner, because you will have to wear the previous aligner until a new one can be sent.
Obviously, you should avoid that. But if this happened to you don't worry, just shift the date of aligners changing by one day.
As soon as your case is confirmed, you will be sent a pack containing all the aligners to use until the end of your treatment. Each aligner is generally worn for about 2 weeks, the time to move on to the next aligner . Your orthodontic monitoring will be provided through your Evolusmile account.
There is no problem wearing the aligners underwater.
The retainers will be offered to you at the end of treatment, they should be worn at night to keep your teeth in place and prevent the teeth from moving.
The loss of aligners generates additional invoicing for remanufacturing and delivery. We can reproduce lost aligners, just contact us.
For a successful alignment of your teeth you have to wear your aligners 22 hours a day.
Yes you have to wear your aligners when you sleep and make sure they are well inserted on your teeth.
You can eat what you want without restrictions but remove your aligners when you eat. You can drink water without any problem while wearing your aligners. However, avoid the hot drinks and other drinks like the soft drinks which can damage and stain your aligners.
Avoid smoking with your aligners. Smoking can stain them and give you a bitter, permanent taste.
After wearing each new aligner, you may feel some discomfort with its first insertion. Don't worry, this is completely normal during an orthodontic treatment. It should not last more than a few days.
The aligners are designed to work regardless of any medication you're maybe taking during your treatment. However, the chronic use of anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, estrogen, or calcitonin can slow or limit the teeth movement.
In some cases the treatment of teeth on one arch (upper or lower) ends before the other. When you reach the end of your treatment for one of your arches, you should then start wearing your retainer for that arch and continue your usual treatment for the other arch.
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