What are the different techniques for aligning your teeth?

What are the different techniques for aligning your teeth?

The Orthodontic is more and more concerned with adults.  In most cases the motivations are often aesthetic, but beyond that, a proper alignment of teeth reduces the risk of caries ,and loosening of the tooth enamel.  Several techniques exist today to correct a dental alignment and they differ according to the criteria such as the secrecy ,the price or even the comfort. What are the used techniques ? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?

The invisible aligners 

The invisible dental aligners allow to move the teeth by making small movements as you advance in the treatment. The treatment consists of several aligners, each is generally worn for 2 weeks.  This technique is the most recent in orthodontics, it is the result of a fusion of a technicity and a technology.

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- Invisible: the aligners are hardly noticed
- Removable: they can be removed at any time when need (to eat or for an important appointment ...)


- It is very important to respect the minimal wearing hours of aligners, it’s a risk of not obtaining the best results
- Not suitable for all orthodontic cases

The lingual braces