Daily use and maintenance of dental aligners

Daily use and maintenance of dental aligners

You are just starting to follow aligners dental treatment. You are not used to wearing it yet ? You don't know how to maintain them daily ? Here are some good tips to follow for a peaceful treatment. 

Insert your aligners

To insert the upper aligner , first put the aligner on your front teeth. Then, use your fingertips to push uniformly on both sides of the aligner, until it stabilizes completely in place. Repeat the process for the lower aligner. Do not bite the aligner to put it in place because this will damage it.

If there is a space between the teeth and the aligner, use the little "chewie”. This small soft spongy material  is used to facilitate the installation of your aligners. Just put it between your teeth and chew. 

Remove your aligners 

The aligner can be removed using your thumb and your index. Sometimes it’s difficult to remove because the aligner is too tight. 

Start removing from the back and continue forward. 

Wear your aligners

You have to wear your aligners for a minimum 22 hours a day.

Mild pain is normal

It is completely normal to have a discomfort during your treatment.

About your speech

It is possible to have a lisp the first days of wearing a new aligner. After a few days you will have a normal speech.

At night

Wear your aligners when you sleep.  Make sure  they are well inserted in your teeth.


Remove your aligners when you eat. You can eat what you want without restrictions. Rinse your aligners by cold water and get rid of the excess water. Just brush your teeth always before putting your aligners back. 


You can drink water without any problem. 

However, avoid hot drinks and other drinks like soft drinks which can damage and stain your aligners. 


Avoid smoking with your aligners.  Smoke can stain them and give you a permanent bitter taste.


Never chew gum with your aligners.


Clean your aligners before putting them in mouth. Use, a toothbrush with water.

Do not use a toothpaste or mouthwash products to clean your aligners. These products can damage the surface of aligners, and alter their colour.


A storage box is provided with your aligners. We recommend you to keep your aligners in the box when you are not wearing them for protecting and not losing them.  

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